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Current Training Offerings from Wide Prairie HR, LLC

In addition to the sessions below, we also offer customized and bilingual content.

Contact: Russ Curry, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Employment Law Basics

A general overview of basic employment law and compliance issues that provide the foundational framework for a supervisor. A grasp of employment law will help avoid legal pitfalls while helping create and sustain a welcoming and equitable environment. Topics include: Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


The bottom-line benefits of workplace flexibility are increasingly important for employee productivity and retention. Less attention has been paid to the challenges faced when integrating flexibility into work groups. In this session we will discuss the essentials of workplace flexibility including how to supervise remote employees, tools and technology, and legal and operation considerations of alternative work arrangements.

Harassment And Discrimination (Sessions for both employees and managers)

Supervisors and managers play a key role in recognizing and responding to sexual and other forms of harassment and discrimination. This training will raise supervisor awareness and provide the tools to help prevent and resolve instances of sexual and other forms of harassment while creating and sustaining a culture of civility and respect in the workplace. We will cover the different forms of harassment, recent lawsuits and judgments, the supervisor's role in preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, responding to and reporting harassment concerns, discrimination, and the supervisor's role in creating and sustaining an environment of civility and respect.


A company culture that promotes people development necessarily acknowledges and encourages self-awareness.  Self-aware individuals and teams are adaptable, culturally aware, and make solid decisions based on honest communication. Join us to explore the concepts of individual and organizational self-awareness, and discuss the tools necessary to promote a culture in which people are valued for their differences and supported to make effective decisions.  


Hiring and onboarding is the most critical yet often most mismanaged part of an employee’s career. This session will provide tools and insights to help you find and retain the best of the best as an employer of choice. Topics include: the decision to hire, attracting and qualifying the best talent, creating effective job descriptions and job ads, compliant and effective interviewing, due diligence (reference checks, background checks, etc.), hiring paperwork and administration, and onboarding.


Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce doesn’t end with recruiting. It begins with recruiting. It requires creating and sustaining a welcoming and inclusive environment that creates a sense of belonging and engages all employees. This dynamic and engaging two-part session will provide employers with the tools and ideas necessary to grow and strengthen their company through diversity. Part I will include an overview of the business case for diversity, recruiting and onboarding for a diverse workforce, recognizing and avoiding bias, and proper training of supervisors. Part II will focus on understanding culture issues and creating and sustaining a welcoming environment.


It is critical for any leader to learn to establish open and trusting relationships at all levels, providing the framework for strong and productive partnerships. We will learn to identify and successfully manage through conflict situations, creating and maintaining a positive work environment. Topics include: developing credibility, understanding communication styles, active listening and effective communication techniques, sources of conflict, and creating a positive work environment.


While no one looks forward to disciplining or firing employees, it is a reality that these situations will occur from time to time. Disciplinary issues and termination of employment effects recruiting, retention, employee relations, morale, productivity and more. Numerous legal risks may arise as well when an employer fires an employee. This highly interactive session will provide the tools and processes necessary to help you address discipline and termination issues in an equitable, respectful, and legally defendable manner.


Depending on your background, as a part of the leadership team, it is essential that you understand how your business generates profit and have the ability to read basic financial statements. In this class, your instructor will guide you through the basic operational key performance indicators and business finance.


There are never enough hours in the day, but you can learn to be more effective with the ones you are given. This session will provide you with several action steps that will allow you to take control of your day and make sure you are unleashing all of your productive potential. We will cover managing time, wasting time, personal time study, planning and tools, the Eisenhower Matrix, meetings, and email.


While yearly evaluations are still standard in many companies, effective performance management goes beyond the yearly “sit down” and is effectively driven by best practices in setting expectations, transparency, and accountability. We will cover the concept of performance management, performance evaluations and other tools, accountability, measurable goal setting, and what to do when the wheels fall off.


Building a successful team is not easy. To create and sustain a high-performing team requires developing and sustaining an environment that is both empowering and encouraging while identifying shared goals and objectives. We will cover key make or break aspects of creating and leading a high-performance team including: roles and motivation within a team, how a team develops, recognizing and resolving team dysfunction and conflict, communication within a team, and creating shared understanding and accountability.


The ability to think and act strategically is an increasingly critical leverage point for managers and supervisors. Employee engagement and alignment, innovation, culture are all driven by strategy, and best guided by empowered leadership at all levels. We will provide you with the tools to become a true strategic thinker; topics include: what is your boss thinking, SWOT, action plans, organic/inorganic growth, and cascading strategy.


Successful change management requires the application of knowledge, tools and resources to implement and sustain change. We will outline the steps required to successfully implement new processes, products and business strategies while minimizing negative outcomes including: defining the scope and impact and change, planning for change both tactically and strategically, outlining a clear, effective communication strategy, engaging leadership and all employees, and sustaining the change.


Are you truly ready to lead others? But first, are you able to lead yourself? What does it really mean to lead yourself? We will look inward to the leader within including: putting you first, listening to you, letting go, and the mentor relationship.